Ren and the FedNow℠ Service

Ren simplifies the integration of your back-office systems with the FedNow Service and creates immediate value for your organization through a suite of ready-made digital overlay services, including Request for Payment (RFP), bill payments and bulk payments, that enable you to deliver real-time frictionless payments experiences to your customers.

Image of three gears with the Ren logo connecting a bank and the FedNow Service logo
Image of a bank between two mobile phones that are trading funds

Deliver fast and convenient payments

Enhance your customers’ payment experiences through increased speed and convenience of transactions, immediate cash flow, and reduction in carbon footprint.

Ren’s flexible API gateway supports message translation from your existing platforms to the FedNow Service’s specified ISO 20022 standards, significantly reducing the burden placed on your technical resources to learn, develop, and implement the necessary components for integration into the FedNow Service.

Get connected with minimal changes to existing platforms

Ren’s simplified interface layer insulates you from the general complexities of direct connections.

Leverage Ren’s more straightforward access methods of a host-to-host or API-based interface. Euronet’s team of experts assists financial institutions throughout the implementation process, including establishing the initial connection and assisting with testing solutions that use the FedNow Service.

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Let us connect your business
to the FedNow Service

Contact Euronet’s Matt Nilles at for assistance.