Real-time payments

Facilitate payment transactions across multiple service providers and channels, serving both central infrastructures and participants in a single platform.

Real-time payment networks

Simplify the process of joining and participating in real-time payment networks across the world.

Ren supports major RTP networks around the world including: FedNow, TCH RTP, UPI, InstaPay, and Dandelion. In addition, our flexible API gateway can support message translation from all your existing platforms to any industry standard format like ISO 20022, XML, etc.

Overlay services

Value-added payment services offered via customer-facing channels that leverage the RTP connections provided by Ren.

This includes services like: request to pay, request for return of funds, bill payments, eMandates, etc., along with white labeled apps to speed up time to market.

National switch

Enable and empower national switches/networks to manage the day-to-day operations of participant banks and businesses.

Key processing features include: account-to-account real-time posting, authorization, settlement, reconciliation, and notifications. Ren also covers ATM, cross-border QR, domestic QR, POS and non-card transactions along with multi-participant management.

Alternative payments

Enable alternative payment methods as part of an overall payments strategy.

This includes major Digital Wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, Paypal) P2P Payments, and E-cash.

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