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ATM Management

Transform Your ATM Experience: Discover the Power of Ren ATM Management

Empower your own ATM infrastructure by tapping into the potential of Ren ATM Management, as Euronet leverages Ren to drive the next-generation experience across its 50,000+ ATMs worldwide.

Trusted by innovators across the world

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Navigating the Complex Landscape of ATM Management Solutions

Ren ATM Management equips you with all-encompassing tools for assuming control over your fleet and delivering an enhanced customer experience with cutting-edge features and innovative design concepts.

Revamp the appearance and functionality of your ATMs.

Enable your marketing team to craft precise marketing campaigns using Designer and ATM simulation tools for effective empowerment.

In-Demand Features

Elevate customer relations with desired features: contactless options, integrated online/mobile banking, interactive teller support, cash recycling, targeted ads (including video/imagery), and flexible multi-language/multi-currency support.

Diverse Transaction Categories

Create new revenue streams, offering over 50 transaction types including cardless, contactless, P2P, couponing, dynamic currency conversion (DCC), third-party advertising, utility payments, event ticket sales, and public transportation fares.

Enhance Operational Efficiency and Minimize Expenses

Effortlessly monitor and manage your entire fleet, including multi-vendor setups, in real time using a single browser-based user interface, complete with remote commanding and software update capabilities.

  • Centralised ATM Monitoring
  • Remote Updates
  • Campaign Management
  • Electronic Journal Logging

Tailor to Perfection: Versatile, Customizable, and Vendor-Agnostic

Designed for managing self-service devices like ATMs, BNAs, and Kiosks. Whether you're a Bank, Processor, or IAD/ISO, this product delivers exceptional capabilities tailored to your needs.

  • Limitless Scalability
  • Global Reach Uninterrupted Performance
  • Worldwide Capability
  • Vendor Agnostic Flexibility

Enhance Global Access with Dynamic Currency Conversion

Give international customers the power to transact in their home currency, providing clarity and convenience at the ATM.

  • Traveler-Friendly Solution
  • Detailed Reporting & Analysis
  • Seamless ATM Integration
  • Additional Revenue Stream
  • Take Command of Your Fleet with Ren ATM Management

    Enhance customer engagement and revenue with Ren ATM Management Solution. Gain comprehensive control over your ATMs, optimizing operational productivity while delivering a richer, next-generation customer experience. Seamless Fleet Management with Real-time Oversight and Command.

  • Modernize ATM Appearance & Functionality
  • Improve Operational Efficiency & Reduce Costs
  • In-Demand Features
  • 50+ Transaction Types
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    Customise your deployment

    Manage multi-vendor fleets in real-time through a single interface.


    Real-Time Fleet Management

    Manage and monitor your entire ATM fleet through a centralized, browser-based interface.


    Optimized Performance Analysis

    Generate detailed reporting and searchable electronic journaling to identify trends and maximize cash.


    Proactive Issue Resolution

    Anticipate and respond to operational issues faster with Ren's real-time SMS and email alerts.

    ATM Fraud Protection: Vigilance at its Best


    Realtime Monitoring

    Utilizing real-time monitoring significantly contributes to the prevention of ATM thefts and fraud. The presence of cameras within ATM premises proves instrumental in potential crime resolution if such incidents occur.

    Pattern Identification

    For the detection of specific fraudulent activities anomalies such as repeated card usage, excessive foreign card transactions beyond regular thresholds, alongside occurrences like missing back-end transactions or unexpected stand-in modes, are also pinpointed.

    ACM Alerts

    Through the alerting system of ATM Channel Manager (ACM), the operations team can swiftly receive SMS or email notifications about suspicious activities within the fleet, enabling rapid response to mitigate potential threats.

    Ren's Commitment: Transparent, Reliable, Competitive Pricing

    Unmatched in affordability and trust, Ren's pricing model ensures clear cost structures without hidden fees, providing a cost-effective solution tailored to your specific ATM Management needs.

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