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Ren Platform Architecture

Experience unparalleled performance with Ren Payments

Dive into a world of lightning-fast transactions, remarkable scalability, 100% availability, and ground-breaking, flexiblility that transform how businesses operate in the evolving financial ecosystem


Empowering developers with flexible architecture.


Relentless Reliability

Our secure technology runs nonstop so your customers can live their lives uninterrupted. With Ren's robust architecture, experience continuity and peace of mind.


Modern Technology

Our modern platform is designed for flexibility to meet present and future needs.

developer friendly

Developer Friendly

Tailored for ease of use, the Ren platform empowers you to build the experiences you want with industry standard open APIs and a platform agnostic design.

Building Seamless Global Payments: Uniting Currencies, Bridging Markets

We designed Ren's platform architecture to transcend borders and barriers, weaving together various currencies and financial systems.

faster transactions
Faster Transactions

Improve transaction speeds with Ren's optimized architecture, designed to process real-time payments.

Cost-Effective Ownership
Cost-Effective Ownership

Lower the total cost of ownership with a scalable solution that adapts to your needs. Ren’s platform offers financial agility without compromising quality or security.

Faster Market Entry
Faster Market Entry

Bring cards and products to market at unprecedented speed. With Ren, regulations are streamlined through a modern, compliant, and easy-to-use card issuance solution.

Unified Global Reach
Unified Global Reach

Connect with various currencies and financial systems effortlessly. Ren’s architecture bridges markets, enabling seamless global payments and expanding your financial horizons.

The Future of Payments, Today.

Redefining Payments with an innovative approach, unparalleled reliability, and continuous industry evolution.

Crafted to deliver 100% availability, ensuring your business continuity. Unmatched performance and scalability, empowering your organization to expand operations with unparalleled efficiency.
  • Business Continuity
  • Unparalleled Efficiency
Flexibly routes transactions based on any data combination while effortlessly transporting diverse data, including binary files like JPGs, voice files, PDFs, and more.
  • Diverse Messages
  • Flexible Routing
Infinite Messaging
Platform-agnostic to handle data across origination, destination, and instruments for flawless transactions. Deploy on private or public clouds like Azure, GCP and AWS. Database independent through optimized Data Abstraction Layers (DAL).
  • Platform Agnostic
  • Database Agnostic
Empowers your business through a heterogeneous environment, supporting multiple operating systems and database vendors in a single production setting. Benefit from the flexibility and versatility of working seamlessly with diverse technologies and systems.
  • Adapting To Diverse Technologies
  • Supporting Heterogeneity
Implements priority routing that ensures optimal message flow and efficient transaction processing. Dynamically adapts to changing conditions and prioritizes routing based on predefined rules for efficient and timely processing.
  • Routing Optimization
  • Rule Based
Adaptive/Priority Routing
Expect 100% availability through an innovative active-active+ and adaptive routing strategy, ensuring your business continuity, Regardless of scheduled maintenance or unexpected outages, you get uninterrupted operations and peace of mind.
  • Active-Active +
  • Non-Stop
Near 100% Availability