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Marker Trax Chooses Euronet’s Ren Payments Platform for Digital Casino Market Management

Marker Trax Selects Ren Payments for Casino Market Solutions.

  • Americas
  • Issuing
Las Vegas, US
Company Size
11-50 employees

A Snapshot:

  • First-of-its-kind cashless and digital alternative for Casino patrons
  • Accelerated cashless digital marker solution in the multibillion-dollar US traditional and tribal casinos.

Insights on Marker Trax

The company’s founder, Gary Ellis, invented Marker Trax in 2018, facilitating players to play more efficiently. This pioneering gaming technology provides players with access to their markers within minutes of scoring.

It is the first-of-its-kind, cashless, and regulatory compliant alternative to casino markers, which are short-term and interest-free credit lines offered by casinos for gaming.

In addition, Marker Trax manages marker underwriting and repayments in the casino by tracking markers in patrons’ digital accounts and collecting funds at the end of each gaming session.

Triggers for Transformation

Historically, casinos have used manual marker-issuing processes, which have been extensive and time-consuming for patrons and cumbersome for casino cashiers as well.

Besides, formerly, casino patrons experienced several hours to several days of delays in waiting for a traditional marker advance approval, which also necessitated a quick and user-friendly mobile application for easy access to their favourite gaming machine in minutes.

Thus, the demand for a cashless gaming gained momentum and led Marker Trax to integrate Ren into their casino operating system for scalability.

Needs and Challenges

Marker Trax needed a robust and reliable payment platform to scale its operations to enhance its digital marker management solution.

The challenge was to have a seamless integration with existing systems, which could ensure security, fast transactions, and comprehensive analytical capabilities.

Why Euronet’s Ren?

Ren Payments, renowned for its advanced technology, extensive industry experience and global reach, aligned perfectly with Mark Trax’s requirements.

Ren was selected to power the Marker Trax global rollout after an exhaustive evaluation of software and SaaS options. “We chose Euronet and Ren based on superior technology and overall cultural fit,” said Gary Ellis, Marker Trax CEO.  Mr. Ellis went on to add, “While Euronet provided the security of dealing with a well-established and highly successful
publicly traded company, it was able to evidence the skill, flexibility, and desire to adapt to the challenges and opportunities of a demanding new vertical market”.

How Did We Help?

With its microservices-based and cloud-native architecture, Ren facilitated seamless scalability to serve a growing Marker Trax user base while also providing exceptional transaction speed.

In addition, Ren powered many of Marker Trax’s key features, such as patron identity verification, underwriting, payments processing, settlement, and reporting, as well as the ability to communicate with disparate credit bureaus, payment gateways and bank systems. All functions are performed in seconds.

Awarded as the Best Consumer Service Technology from a leading global financial technology solutions and payments provider in the Global Gaming Business (GGB) Gaming & Technology Awards for 2023, Marker Trax demonstrates unparalleled competence in meeting both gaming and consumer financial regulatory governance standards.

Watch the video about Marker Trax here and see how Ren powers this amazing system

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