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Payment Hub

Payments Made Effortless

Elevate your capabilities with Ren’s cutting-edge payment hub, offering global access to instant payment networks, robust wire transfer solutions, and effortless ACH payment management. Fuel your growth and efficiency in one comprehensive platform.

Trusted by innovators across the world

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Here are some of the Instant Payment Networks that we are connected to

Accelerate your payments strategy with our all-in-one Payment Hub.


Ease of Integration

Our payment hub offers seamless integration with multiple payment channels – Instant payments, Wires, ACH - allowing financial institutions to expand their reach and increase revenue streams.


Streamline Operations

With Ren's Payment Hub, financial institutions streamline payment processes, cut costs, and boost efficiency. Whether managing Instant payments, ACH transfers, Wires, or other types, Ren's single, secure platform handles all payment activities.


Constant Innovation

While other platforms struggle to keep up with customer demand, Ren’s modern technology approach provides a flexible and customizable microservices-based platform that paves the way for constant innovation.

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Instant Payment Network Connections

Instant payments offer a frictionless and seamless payment experience, allowing your customers to make transactions quickly and conveniently.

  • Easy Network Connectivity
  • Built-in Network Compliance
  • ISO Message Translation
  • Global Network Options

Overlay Services

Instant Payment Overlay Services create immediate value for both you and your customers by driving adoption and engagement with instant payments through ready-made value added services that utilize the instant payment rails.

  • Credit Transfers
  • Bill Payment
  • Request for Pay
  • Addressing Services
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    ACH Payments

    ACH payments offer your customers a reliable, secure, and efficient payment method that provides a low-cost option and enhances cash flow.

    • Centralized Management
    • Real-time & Batch Processing
    • Origination & Receive Payments
    • Customizable Handling

    Wire Payments

    Wire payment services offer your customers a fast, secure, and globally accessible payment method that supports both domestic and international financial transactions.

    • Rules-based Routing
    • Payment Scheduling
    • Domestic & International Wires
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    Infinitely Extensible Messaging with Ren

    Ren’s Payment Hub, with its Infinitely Extensible Messaging feature, offers a robust solution to ensure your legacy systems can effectively interact with the latest messaging standards.

    • No Constraints on Data
    • Efficient Data Mapping
    • Extensible Messaging
    • Easy Rule Creation

    Discover the Power of Ren's Payment Hub

    Get in touch to see how your institution can benefit.

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